AMA about Hong Kong Protests and Politics

Except for the Ongoing Siege of PolyU, The Rest Seemed Normal

I’m still writing a ‘recap’ to describe the insane week that’s happened since the last update. I can’t deliver anything of quality tonight. While I work on that, I want to try a new format: ask me anything about Hong Kong, protester vs HKPF strategies and tactics, public mood, Beijing-HK policy/politics/history, etc.

I’ll pick the best questions and answer by tomorrow night. Either email me or leave your question as a comment (preferred).

In the meantime:

  • Read Woliff’s real-time thread following the uprising in Kowloon to free the protesters and students besieged in PolyU. It started with middle-class professionals making human chains to pass kerosene and other supplies to frontliners and ended with TST East being gassed for nearly 12 hours, various frontlines merging within 300m of PolyU, and 11 people found tied up on a rooftop at 4am [+ first known HKPF leak].

  • NYT’s Tiffany May found and interviewed ‘Eye Girl.’